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Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat

For Women


Cassandra Lewis: Having trained as an energy healer and Aura Soma colour therapist in her early twenties, she later realised her true calling was shamanism. Cassandra uses the tarot as a tool for personal development and transformation.

Allegonda Heesakkers is a healer, stained-glass artist, seamstress and belly-dancer from Canada. She is studying sound therapy and uses the tarot to aid others in gaining self-awareness.




On each of the five days we'll remain on site during the Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat, you'll be expected to take part in the following activities:

Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat at Goldenwood Lodge

Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat at Goldenwood Lodge

Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat at Goldenwood Lodge

Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat at Goldenwood Lodge

Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat at Goldenwood Lodge


  • Walking: Walking is beneficial for both mental and physical health, and we couldn't ask for better scenery. The teepee site has access to numerous walking trails we'll explore together. You're also free to explore them alone or with new friends.

  • Yoga: Yoga has been adopted by many sports teams as a regular part of their training, and for very good reasons. Each morning you'lre invited to attend a 30 minute yoga class. We'll demonstrate two versions of certain postures, one for beginners and one for intermediate students.

  • Guided Meditations: Meditation has scientifically proven benefits for mental, emotional and physical well-being. Each day we'll invite you to join us in guided meditations of various descriptions, usually related in some way to the daily discussions.

  • Discussions: Each day, after a short presentation, you'll be invited to discuss your experiences and thoughts on a particular topic. These discussions will be directly related to the concepts and practices we'll explore in the workshops and ideas we'll contemplate during meditations.

  • Workshops: Each day we'll run one or two workshops:
    - Animal Tracking and Communication
    - Belly-Dancing
    - Costume Decoration
    - Drumming
    - Shamanic Journeying
    - Spiritual Art
    - Story-Telling & The Tarot
    - Talismanic Jewellery-Making

  • Other Activities: We'll also offer you the opportunity to experience a range of outdoor activities: Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Swimming, River Rafting, Spa

  • Belly-Dancing (optional after the first class but highly recommended): Each evening Allegonda will lead a beginner's belly-dancing class in the tribal style. On our final evening we'll don the tribal costumes we'll have decorated and enjoy a glass of wine and a boogie around the campfire.

  • Canoeing (optional): The teepee site has a pond with a canoe which you may use whenever it's available, free of charge.

During the Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat we'll spend considerable time sitting in circles and sleeping in circular teepees. While Allegonda and Cassandra will present workshops and lead exercises and discussions, they'll do so as your equals. We know everyone attending the retreat will have something unique and valuable to contribute to the circle. All spiritual paths are welcome at the Soul Reflections Spiritual Retreat.

Whilst keeping one foot in the spiritual world, we take a keen interest in science; as such, discussion topics will vary from neurology to magic. Retreat workshops, daily exercises and classes, and other retreat activities have been chosen on the basis of their creative, grounding, balancing, energising, empowering, psychotherapeutic, life-affirming, trust-building, and community-enhancing qualities. It is our aim to send you home feeling you've gained a permanent, new lease of life, as well as a new perspective on your past and attitude towards your future - and, hopefully, one or two new friends with whom you can continue your journey.

We are each on a unique journey towards self-awareness and understanding. The paths we tread differ because we begin our journeys from various places and times and choose from a selection of routes, or forge our own paths. Cultural and religious differences, education, the opinions of our parents, our unique life experiences and personalities, along with many other things, all contribute towards building our unique filters, through which we see and understand ourselves and the world around us. Our contrasting perspectives are equally valid. Sometimes we must travel the path alone and at other times we may find ourselves in company. But there is no one 'true religion' or 'right path'. We must each find our own way by following our hearts.

In shamanic circles, the bear is a powerful symbol of healing and regeneration, providing courage and strength, confidence and stability. Bear encourages introspection (the observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.) and creativity, which is linked to intuition. Bear energy is also highly protective, particularly regarding emotional abuse, psychic attack, etc.

The Soul Reflections Spiritual June 2014 Retreat - held in 'bear country' - will employ powerful bear energy to create a secure and supportive healing space, providing opportunity for self-reflection and examination of past experiences, and their consequent, limiting beliefs, to bring about a change in perspective or understanding.


Single Bed
in shared teepee Sun, JUNE 15-22, 2014
CAD$1750 / £995

Double Bed
in shared teepee Sun, JUNE 15-22, 2014
CAD$1900 / £1095

(Due UNLESS Paying Full Balance)
CA$250 / £150

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