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About Us

Toque and Canoe

We moved to the beautiful Blaeberry Valley, North of Golden from Switzerland in March 1995. Coming from a densely populated country with a very hectic and therefore often unhealthy lifestyle…

Our Goal

has always been to build a place where visitors can slow down, relax, get in touch with themselves and nature, enjoy Goldenwood Lodge and its beautiful surroundings, and at the same time respect the environment and wildlife.

Our Mission

To provide comfort, high quality of customer service and recreational activities in a healthy and ecologically friendly environment

Our Actions

Are driven by environmental acceptability as much as profitability. E.g. we use only biodegradable, natural cleaning products, not tested on animals and use recycled paper products. We buy organically and locally grown groceries as much as possible and forgo processed food. We reduce garbage, reuse and recycle and save energy as much as we can. We support partners, suppliers, organizations and activities that further conservation and sustainable development and include environmental responsibility as a key criteria for corporate decision making.

Goldenwood  is a "Green" Lodge - Committed to Help Save Our Environment